Pacilab software Pacilab software Pacilab software includes many modules and is continuously improved. This is a product that supports lab management according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards S000397 Phòng thí nghiệm Số lượng: 1 cái

Pacilab software

  • Pacilab software includes many modules and is continuously improved. This is a product that supports lab management according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards

Pacilab - an effective support tool for lab management

Known as an effective support tool for lab management, Pacilab has been used by many customers. The technical team is constantly upgrading the software. The Main features of Pacilab software include:

 ● Build functions, tasks, and structure of departments and personnel

● Control internal and external document systems

● Create a library of testing criteria

● Manage transaction history, price lists, and customer discounts

● Management, payment activities, and customer debt

● Receive testing requests from customers and automatically transfer information to departments

● Plan and assign personnel to perform sampling

● The system for storing, liquidating and returning customer samples is automatically updated

● Record test results and review results quickly

● Create multilingual results reports and send them automatically to customers

● Report and handle problems from customers, from the laboratory, from management to related departments

● Control data and all usage history information

● Statistics on laboratory productivity and KPIs for each employeeCenlab system

Some Modules of Pacilab

Module 1: Sample Management

Sample Tracking: Ability to track samples from their point of entry into the lab, through various testing stages, to storage or disposal. This includes logging sample origin, type, and processing history.

Barcode Integration: Generation and scanning of barcodes or QR codes for each sample to simplify identification, tracking, and retrieval.
Automated Data Capture: Integration with lab instruments to automatically capture data related to samples, reducing manual entry errors and saving time.

Sample Management of Cenlab

Module 2: Experiment Management and Protocol Standardization

Experiment Management and Protocol Standardization of Cenlab

Protocol Templates: Predefined templates for common lab experiments and tests, ensuring consistency and compliance with SOPs.
Experiment Design and Documentation: Tools to design, document, and record experimental procedures, observations, and results in a structured format.
Reproducibility: Features to replicate experiments accurately, maintaining consistency across different runs and researchers.

Module 3: Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Analysis and Reporting of Cenlab
Data Analysis and Reporting of Cenlab 2
Advanced Analysis Tools: Sophisticated data analysis capabilities, including statistical tools, to interpret experimental data.
Custom Reports: Generation of customizable reports with options to include graphs, tables, and narrative descriptions.
Visualization: Various data visualization tools to aid in understanding complex data sets and trends.

Module 4: Inventory Management

Inventory Management of Cenlab
Inventory Management of Cenlab 2
Real-Time Tracking: Monitor and manage stock levels of reagents, chemicals, and other consumables in real-time.
Alerts and Notifications: Automated alerts for low stock levels or approaching expiration dates of materials.
Procurement Integration: Seamless integration with procurement systems for easy reordering and inventory replenishment.

Module 5: Compliance and Quality Control

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry standards like GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
Audit Trails: Comprehensive audit trails and version control for documents, protocols, and data.
Quality Checks: Built-in quality control checks and validation workflows to maintain the integrity and reliability of experiments and data.Compliance and Quality Control of Cenlab

Module 6: Collaboration Tools

Data Sharing: Secure platform for sharing data, protocols, and results within the team or with external collaborators.
Access Control: Role-based access to sensitive information to maintain confidentiality and data security.
Communication Features: Integrated communication tools such as messaging, commenting, and task assignment for effective collaboration.
Collaboration Tools of Cenlab
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