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Manufacturer: Shimadzu Diagnostics (Nissui)
Origin: Japan
Code: 54053
Pack size: 4 plate/pack, 1400 plate/box
Compact Dry Cf Coliform

54053 Testing laboratories Quantity: 0 cái

Compact Dry Coliform | Compact Dry CF | Shimadzu

1. Intended Use

Usage of Compact Dry CF Coliform is a simple and safe test procedure for determination and quantification of coliform bacteria in foods, cosmetics or raw materials – as well as pharmaceutical raw materials. The ready-to-use plates consist of a special 50 mm diameter petri dish containing a detection specific nutrient pad.

2. General Information

- The term “coliform bacteria” doesn’t describe a taxonomical group beyond the eubacteria. It actually is more a summary of some genera from the family of enterobacteria. Their common biochemical characteristics are positive lactose reaction as well as negative oxidase reaction. Coliform bacteria are considered to be indicators for fecal contaminations. Enumeration of coliform bacteria in food samples gives an overview on the hygienic status of raw materials and production as well.

- The nutrient medium of Compact Dry CF contains the chromogenic enzyme substrate X-Gal. Thus colonies of coliform bacteria show a characteristic blue or blue-green coloration while growing on the nutrient pad. Growth of other bacterial species is widely inhibited. Colonies of bacteria which are able to grow on Compact Dry CF (e.g. Pseudomonas spp.) will appear colorless. Counting all blue colonies on the nutrient plates allows the determination of total coliform numbers in the sample.

- The ready-to-use, chromogenic Compact Dry plates are suitable for in-process controls as well as controls of finished products. With the optional additional product Promedia ST-25 swab test (Z0302) Compact Dry plates may also be used for surface sampling and therefore applied for quantitative hygiene monitoring even at surfaces which are difficult to reach.

3. Benefits

- CompactDry CF is a ready to use dehydrated media plate used to detect coliform bacteria in food and beverages. Coliform bacteria are an indicator of the presence of enteric pathogens in water, meat, seafood, dairy and other foods.

- Monitoring and identification of coliforms is used at each step of the food production process as a quality control parameter. The CompactDry CF selective media contains the chromogenic enzyme substrate X-Gal which result in a blue to blue/green colonies. CompactDry CF enables easy culture and coliform count in solid food stuff (homogenized with buffer solution), water/liquid samples and swab based environmental testing for surfaces and production areas.

Compact Dry CF Coliform

4. Specifications Compact Dry CF Coliform

Specification Compact Dry CF Coliform

5. General protocol Compact Dry CF Coliform

General protocol Compact Dry CF Coliform
Incubate Compact Dry CF Coliform

Manual Compact Dry CF Coliform

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